This webform is reserved for SAILORS, COACHES, CREW's, PRO's & JURY participating in the Nieuwpoortweek 2018

Advance registration and advance payment of the camping fee before June 14th as specified in the NOR is required.

Completing this webform and paying the camping fee in advance will help the organisation to reserve your camping space.


Declaration: The underwriter by sending this Entry Form by email agrees to be bond by the Racing Rules of Sailing of the I.S.A.F., by the Notice of Race, the Class Rules and the Sailing Instructions. All those taking part in the event do so at their own risk and responsability. The Organising Authority and all parts involved with the organisation of the event disclaim any and every responsability whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods both ashore an at sea as a consequence of participation in the races covered by this Notice of Race.

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