Sunday 01 July 2018

Temporary results 3/07/18 can be found here:

Day 1

Marvellous and sporty conditions on the first day on the North Sea
After the traditional opening of the sailingweek all fleets were launched. For the optimist it was a discoveryrace with the current and a nice seastate and after two hours the more than 100 sailors came surfing into the harbour. On the yellow course racing was on with 2 races for four classes. In the Laser 4.7 vice European Champion Eline Verstraelen won both races before Emile Versluys and Anna De Bruycker. In the Laser Radial Arthur Van Damme leads before Daniël Escudero from the USA. In the open Belgian Championship the duo Dirix/Schoonooghe is leading after two wins. In the Europe class Kilian Vermeersch and Toon Van Caneghem are in first place. Four more beautifull sailing days to come. We hope the sailors are fit after the exams at school! Provisional resultats as some sailnumbers needs correction 


Day 2 

Day 2 prooved very difficult with several metereological items fighting for dominance with shifts up to 100° and some serious lulls on the way. The biggest fleet of optimists had their two first races and the Belgian concurrents did very well. Kwinten Borghijs and Anders Bultynck are leading the fleet with each a win and a second place. Suzanna Laps is third. The multi winner Blake Wilson is currently seventh. On the yellow course three races were disputed. Difficult times for the committee that had a fight with multiple wind shifts. But good sailors always come forward as Eline Verstraelen continous her perfect report with only wins. In the Laser Radial Jenthe Verstraelen fights a tight battle with Daniel Escudero from the United States. In the Open Belgian Championship Cadet the team Dirix/Schoonooghe scored her fourth win and is on top of the ranking. The Europe class has her dominant leader too with Toon Van Caneghem scoring four wins. Today the wind will start in the east to back during the day (E-NNE 8-12 knots

Day 3


Day 4

Magnificent conditions on the North Sea
The predictions were correct with a stable Northeasterly wind but it was the sea state which was huge and exhausted the young sailors. On the yellow course the coaches and race committee decided to keep the sailors on shore. The Laser sailors went out for two races, a great performance in preparation of the Worlds Laser 4.7 which will be held in Gdynia (Poland) mid july. In the Laser 4.7 physical toll was paid by some sailors, even superstar Eline Verstraelen lost a race, finishing second before winning the last race of the day again. In the Laser Radial the battle between Daniel Escudero and Jenthe Verstraelen still didin't produce a winner, tomorrow will be decisive. In the optimist class the waves seemed even higher but the brave youngsters conquered the sea in one race. After that one the battle between wind and currents produced dangerous waves so the committee decided to bring the fleet in. The top 3 in the gold fleet stands strong with Joshua Means (GBE) leading the fleet before local hero Kwinten Borghijs and the dutch winner of the only race of the day, Suzanna Lap. A new amendment to the SI of the race stipulates that an extra race could be sailed on wednesday and that the timing is adapted. 
Marvellous times for photographers visit or the amateur shots on this facebook page.

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