Saturday 29 June 2019

Day 1:

Splendid conditions at the start
The 2019 edition will know an easy start with a light and very warm day. The opening ceremony is at 11.30 hours at the WSKLum with a launching foreseen around 12.30 hours. At the meteobriefing light winds (5-10 knots from the east veering to SE 90° - 120°) are predicted for the day so a postponement is not excluded. Check the flags for information. On the green course more than 100 optimist from 8 countries will have a hard day beating the difficult North Sea current. On the yellow course three fleets will sail, the Open Belgian Championship Cadet will be sailed. There are also nice fleets of Europes and Laser 4.7 announced. 

Results of the Optimist Course 
On the green course two optimist races were sailed. The smaller boats having a harder time to beat the current and with the fluctuating wind the race committee did a good job. A nice start and quite a surprise for the foreigners meeting the local effects of the current. More surprises will be met the following days as they'll sail on other moments of the tide, beware! After one day the girl fron Kenya Jasmijn Holtus takes the lead before Alexander De Bie (BEL) and a girl from the large American delegation, Lillie Foster (USA). The rest of the top 10 is crowded with nationalities with Maxim Boone (11the) and Maarten Boot (12th) as the next local heroes. Nothing is played as the sailors will be confronted with ever increasing conditions during the week. The western front is the first challenge this sunday. Good luck to all sailors.

Day 2:

Promising conditions predicted for the second day of the Nieuwpoortweek
The nice westerly breeze is steady and as the starting times are around high water the sailors will be confronted with stronger currents going east. Beware! Starting against the current! On both racing areas the launch is postponed for half an hour. Three races are scheduled for the day on both zones. the wind will veer from 240°-260° to 270°-290° averiging 14-18 knots with some gusts to 20 knots. It will be a sporty day. Succes to all!

Second day with fluctuating conditions results (yellowcourse)

Stable winds were predicted for this second day of racing on the North Sea but the wind showed very light at moments. Hard times for the optimists trying to beat the strong current. On the yellow race area the conditions seemed more stable with three more races for each class today. In the Cadet Class Thibaud Dirix and Thomas Winand continue to win races and stay on top before Mathias Brandts/Hanne Cammaer and Isabelle Dompas/Casim Muylle. In the Europe Class the demonstration of Toon Van Caneghem continues fighting with brother and sister Vermeersch. Kilian is second after Kiara took an early start in the last race of the day. The Laser 4.7 has a new leader with the Dutch Stijn Van Der Valk on top of the ranking before Aaron Hider (CAY) and Daan Boekholt (NED). Tomorrow a new weatherchange is predicted but this week the system seems hard to foresee. Northeasterlies should prevail.

Day 3:

Optimist ranking after 7 races - the results 
On the green race area the sailors enjoyed a perfect sailing day. The ranking takes shape but results are ever changing with the other conditions alter. Two German sailors, Jannis Liebich and David Buchler, take the lead before the first girl, Jasmijn Holtus, from Kenya. Maarten Boot stays the best positioned Belgian sailor (12th) but it was Anders Bultynck (BEL) who created the best result on this third day of sailing with two wins. Hannelien Borghijs is the best Belgian girl on the 25th position (7th girl). Three more races are scheduled for tomorrow in similar perfect and sunny conditions, though the northerly wind promises to be a bit lighter. Succes to all!

Another fantastic day in Sailing Paradise Nieuwpoort Belgium

The wind came back today as the amazing sunny conditions continue. An easy timing for the sailors with launches at 11.00 and 11.30 with racing from one o'clock on. On the yellow zone the Europe started the day and Toon Van Caneghem continues his almost perfect rapport with eight wins out of nine races. Kilian Vermeersch is a strong second before Jan Everaert. First girl and fourth overall is Kiara Vermeersch. Almost the same dominance in het Open Belgian Championships Cadet where team Thibaud Dirix/Winand Thomas mark seven wins out of nine races. Isabelle Dompas/Casim Muylle are strong in second position before Emile Maren/Math Vanoirbeeck. In the Laser 4.7 class Stijn Van der Valk (NED) (4,1,1) had the best day and takes the lead before Daan Boekholt (NED) and Aaron Hider (CAY). Célestin Goubau is the first Belgian in the fourth spot with equal points with the first girl Donna-Tinke Huusman (NED). The same excellent sailing conditions are predicted for tomorrow with another three races scheduled. Rapport optimist in next message.

Day 4:

Results Yellow Race Area after 4 days
11 races run on the western racing area of Nieuwpoort confirm earlier results. Toon Van Caneghem continues to score bullets and in the Cadet class the team Thibaud Dirix/Winand Thomas stay on top after the eight victory out of eleven races. Same story in the Laser 4.7 with Stijn Van der Valk on top, the first girl Donna-Tinke Huusman managed to get on the bronze spot. Tomorrow two more races can be sailed, weather permitting. Small film of the racing today…/nieuwpoortweek-grote-uitdaging-v…

Day 5:

On the yellow course only 1 race was sailed today because the maximum amount of races was already reached. The optimist class sailed another 2 races.In the last race there were no real surprises in the top 3 of all classes.

After a total of 12 races the German sailor Finn Evans took home the trophee in the silver optimist fleet, followed by the first Belgian sailor D’hondt Cedric. The third place was taken by the Ukrain Leonchuk Maria. In the gold fleet the first Belgian was Borghijs Hannelien in a 7th place. The victory went to the German Liebig Jannis, followed by Holtus Jasmijn from Kenia who also became first girl. The 3th place was also for Germany, Buchler David. In the cadet class the Belgian champion was crowned. Thibaud Dirix and Thomas Winand won with 10 times a 1st place in 12 races. In second place came Dompas Isabelle and Muylle Casimir, followed by Marien Emile and Vanoirbeek Mathis in third. We saw the same dominance in the Europe class where Van Caneghem Toon won 11 from the 12 races. The family Vermeersch took places 2 (Killian) and 3 (Kiara).  In the Laser 4.7 the sailors from the Netherlands took places 1,2 and 3. In first place Van Der Vlak Stijn, in second Boekholt Daan and in third Huijsmans Donna-Tinke.

Full results:




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